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ventana chard

Ventana Chardonnay 2011

I figured I would select a white wine for my selection this month. Heck, I’ve picked all Reds so far. This Chardonnay is from the Monterey area of California. I find that this area of California which is relatively cooler and wetter than the kings to the north (Sonoma and Napa) produce excellent Chardonnays, especially for what they cost. The Chardonnay grape thrives in these conditions. This has everything a classic Chardonnay drinker wants. Hints of peach and pineapple dominate the palate right away then mild butter tones with light oak and a hint of creaminess finishes the experience. So, don’t be scared to go off the beaten path a bit and try some wine, most importantly Chardonnays from the Monterey area of California. You won’t go wrong.

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