What’s On The Tasting Bar

Wine World has an extensive Tasting Bar open seven day a week, during all store hours. Customers have an opportunity to learn about products, taste new items and always find them On-Sale! Tasting wines and liquors is a great benefit but it’s also a fun, delightful opportunity for our shoppers. (We also get to know our clientele better, which we see as a benefit!) Simply, it’s what sets us apart from other retailers. Each Thursday, the wines and liquors are changed so you can try something new every week!
Chick HERE for a full list of what’s on the Tasting Bar this week.

Producer Tastings

On Fridays and Saturdays, local and national wineries and spirit producers pour their selections. There is always something new and different to taste when stopping into Wine World. Usually in the mid to late afternoons on Friday and Saturday, you’ll find something new to try. Check out our Events calendar for a complete list.

Special Events

Wine World has great events for you and your friends to learn more about the products you love best.
Chick HERE for more info on all our events or watch for upcoming news on the follow events:
Wines 101 – Learn wine basics and enjoy tasting wines from around the world.
Wines, Beyond the Basics – Advanced vino lovers will have fun and still learn something new. As usual, great wines will be tasted.
Spirits and More – Always something new to learn and taste. We’ll dive into interesting products and learn all about what makes them so unique and delicious. Tasting is always part of the class to learn first hand what’s in the bottle or bottles!
Trip to Local Producers – We plan to roll out of our local area and visit the producers to see behind the scenes. It’ll be first come, first serve so watch for more news on these special trips.


Wines of the Month Club
Bourbon of the Month Club
These clubs are designed to keep our customers cupboards and/or racks filled with the great wines and bourbons without all the hassle of regular shopping. There are a few ways to participate so check out the details HERE.

Party Planning

Wine World Party Planning Service provides you with all your wine and liquor needs.  For small family gatherings or large celebrations, business or corporate meetings, or something sudden where you must pull it together quickly, Wine World has you covered. Just give us a call or send us an email.  We have the expertise to handle all your wine and liquor needs.  Click HERE for more info.