Dinners, Clubs & Tours

Wine World is planning a world of events to bring very special Wine and Spirits to the table.  We’ll announce the dates and locations, menus, wines and spirits to be poured, guest speakers and more.

Wine & Spirit Clubs – A gathering where like-minded individuals talk, learn and taste a focus brand, style or type of liquor or wine.  The Whiskey Club is our first formed Club.  Enjoy the evening with industry experts and pouring examples of the evenings focus.  

Wine Maker Dinners – Enjoy an evening of delicious wines with a menu planned to perfectly match those wines.  The Wine Maker(s) will be on hand to walk you through his process of making each wine and what makes it so unique.  Enjoy and evening with The Wine Maker and his Wines!

Perfectly Paired Wine Dinners – The menu is planned around the wines.  Each wine will enhance the foods served.  Learn why each wine and menu item was chosen.  Guest Wine Experts to guide you through the evening. Spirits to start and end the evening will be enjoyed as well.

Distillery and Winery Tours- Don’t miss these trips.  We’ll plan an afternoon, day or weekend trip to enjoy local producers in their own environment.  These will be memory makers!

Paint and Sip, Wine Tasting at Home, Your Office Party Wine Tasting, and More – We will provide the wine and the guest speakers, you provide the location.