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Liquor stores near me in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, NY is a fairly large place.  The city has over 50,000 residents.  Over the years the city has changed but one thing persevering are the liquor stores near me in Niagara Falls.  There are many small, Mom n’ Pop stores and a couple larger retailers that serve their surrounding neighborhoods.  Wine World Wine Store and Liquor Store has served Niagara Falls for 40+ years.

Liquor stores near me in Niagara Falls

During the mid ‘70s, a small 300 square foot liquor store in Niagara Falls on 3rd Avenue was bought by Jim MacKenzie just after getting out of the service.  He and three partners worked together to keep the business growing.  Eventually, the three partners moved on and Jim kept at the business.  Jim grew his business by staying close to his communities that surrounded him.  Niagara Falls was a big part.  During the years that followed, MacKenzie moved the store 5 times to it current location 3158 Niagara Falls Boulevard in Amherst, NY, just outside of North Tonawanda and Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls, Rich in Ethnic Backgrounds

Niagara Falls is rich in various ethnicities.  For this reason, a diverse selection of products are always in requested from our customers.  Italian wines and liqueurs are always in high demand.  French, Spain, German, Irish and more delicious spirits and wines always commonly sought after when customers walk in and ask for their favorite products.  Wine World works hard to carry every product.  When we cannot stock the items regularly, we will offer customers a special request order as a courtesy.


Top 10 Tourist Destinations

Niagara Falls is a bustling tourist area.  Almost ten million people visit the city and falls each year.  The waterfall is considered one of the United States ‘top ten tourist destinations’.  Wine World, now located a few miles down the road from the city of Niagara Falls, is proud to serve tourists and local residents alike.  Our 5000 square foot store offers customers a full range of wines and liquors to choose from.  Our Store Associates are well versed in wine and liquor and ready to help answer any questions.  The Wine Tasting Bar is another unique feature that allows customers an exceptional opportunity when coming into our store. Our E-commerce website, Delivery Service, Quick Pick-Up, Federal Express Shipping,  Monthly Wine Classes and Whiskey & More Clubs are just some of the services we offer to make Wine World the best Wine Store and Liquor store in the Niagara Falls and North Tonawanda area.

Wine World Niagara Falls over 3000 wines

Check Out Wine World

Check out our web site with over 3000 products at WineWorldNY.com or call us at 716-691-3396 to get any questions answered quickly.  Stop in to our Niagara Falls Boulevard store, open 7 days a week.  We look forward to meeting you soon!

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Buy wine near me in Buffalo, NY Wine World

So much wine and so little time! But here you are, you want to buy wine near me in Buffalo NY.  This gives shoppers many options. Wine World has over 1500 wines.  What are you looking for in a wine?  Is your preference based on cost, style or high quality?   Wine World on Niagara Falls Boulevard allows you to buy wine in any price range, style and all the quality levels that you’re looking for.  We are the premier wine and liquor store in Buffalo, NY.  Yes, Wine World has a full selection of liquor as well but in this blog, we are looking to buy wine near me in Buffalo.

Buy wine near me in Buffalo, NY Wine World

Buy Wine in any Price Range, Style and all the Quality Levels

Wine shopping based on cost is a real and valid consideration.  To this writer and wine consultant at Wine World, it is usually my first question when helping a customer, “How much do you want to spend”?   I usually follow up with “I can find you a quality wine in any price range”.   Price may gauge quality in some wines but taste-wise, you may not be aware of the difference so we can and will find a delicious wine that you will love.

Second most important detail when our customers are choosing a wine is style.  How do you like your wine to taste?  I spoke with a gentleman in the store about his preferences.  He stated, “The sweeter, the better”!  This man had done his homework.  He knew all the NY wines with the different fruity flavors, the Moscatos and Rieslings.  The new Glenora Watermelon wine was his choice that day.

When it comes to high-quality, price isn’t always the main factor.  It’s about what the wine is… and isn’t!  Quality is affected by the vintage, terroir, yields, winemaker, varietal or the blend of varietals, pressing and fermentation processes, aging time and more.  A fine quality wine will possess stunning characteristics in its aroma, body, color, flavors, acidity, finish, maturity, aging, and more.  A lover of fine wine will search for quality first.

Buy wine near me in Buffalo, NY Wine World, NY

Wine World has the People and the Selection of help you Buy Wine

Wine World has the people to help you buy the wine you are looking for whether it price, style or high quality as your main consideration.  Wine World has the selection as well.  Stop in to our store located at 3158 Niagara Falls Boulevard, Buffalo NY 14228 or give us a call at 716-961-3396.  Our website has a full selection of wines and liquors so you can search and purchase at your convenience.  Check us out on the web at WineWorldNY.com.

Wine World Buffalo NY Advantage Rewards Club

I Love This Wine Store Near Me in Buffalo — Wine World, Buffalo, NY

I love wine and always on the lookout for a great wine store near me in Buffalo.  Wine World is one of those stores.  Wine World has a fabulous selection of wines from all over the world.  Their friendly and very knowledgeable staff are always on hand to recommend something great if I’m trying to find something new.  You can tell they take pride in their store with the unique but quality selection of wines and liquors.  Still, when I am in a hurry, they have the all regular wines and liquors too; it’s always worth shopping at Wine World.

Wine World Buffalo NY Advantage Rewards Club

So, when Wine World started their Advantage Rewards Club program a few months back, I was happy since I am going to shop somewhere anyways!  Now when I shop, the money I spend turns into points earned.  When they accumulate, I can get up to $12 off my next purchase.  I think that is so great!  I am going to purchase my regular bottles of liquor like Deep Eddy’s Vodka and Crown Apple.  And we always need a white and red wine in the house plus a Moscato for when my Mom comes over, a Margarita mix, some extra Tequila, and maybe a sparkling prosecco wine, too.  Shopping at Wine World, my money earns more and I get money off what I am already going to buy!  Win! Win!

When I stop into Wine World, they have a tasting bar open all the time.  Every week, I can try something new.   I have tried high-end Cabernet Sauvignons from Robert Mondavi and Charles Krug.  They always have a great red blend or interesting imported red that I haven’t tried.  The other day I was able to try Raeburn Chardonnay which was different than I thought it would be so I learned something new.  They put 4-5 new bottles every week with information on each of them.  A lot of the time, the wines are on sale, too…just another great ADVANTAGE.

Wine World Buffalo, NY Tasting Bar

My Favorite Wine Store

Well, I have raved enough about my favorite wine store near me in Buffalo, NY.  Check them out on-line or stop into their store.  You’ll always find they will go out of their way to help you if you need it.  You’ll find it an enjoyable store to shop around.  It’s clean, bright and full of interesting liquors and wine!

A Happy Customer


Having Friends Over and Need Liquor Delivery Near Me In Buffalo In A Hurry!

Picture this…your friends just called.  They are in town and stopping over for a couple of drinks and a lot of laughs.  Oh no!  Don’t get caught short on drinks!  Search out liquor delivery near me in BuffaloWine World Delivers!  We are ready to get your order pulled together and delivered to your home or work.

Second problem, what should you order.  Wine World has you covered on all bases.  Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you pick out wines and spirits, something unusual or keep to all your favorites.  We take customer service seriously.  Each of our staff has their specialties so there is always someone who can help you.

Wine World Delivers to Buffalo Area

Delivery in Western New York can take us near or far.  Wine World delivers to the nine surrounding zip codes which covers Tonawanda, North Tonawanda, Getzville, Amherst, Wheatfield, Grand Island, Sanborn and Williamsville.  But, if you are outside of those areas and have an order over $175, we will try to make special arrangements for you.  Call the store.  Any manager will help you to coordinate your order.

Fast Delivery, exemplary Customer Service, deep discounts and Every Day Low Pricing, Carryout Service, Online ordering and Quick Pick up, Wine World is always trying to earn your business and be the best liquor store in Western New York – In Buffalo!  Need Liquor Delivery Near Me In Buffalo, No Problem!

Wine World Buffalo NY 14228

Wine World is Conveniently Located

Call Wine World at 716-691-3396 or check us out online at www.WineWorldNY.com .  We are located at 3158 Niagara Falls Boulevard, next to Consumer Beverages and across the street from the Wegmans and Kohls Plaza.

Wine Tasting in Buffalo

Wine Tasting in Buffalo is Fun and Informative

You don’t want to miss the next Wine Tasting in Buffalo at Wine World on Niagara Falls Boulevard.  Almost every weekend at our store, we have producers sampling their wines and liquors for our customers.  During the tasting, the wines or liquors are on sale for an added value.  You’ll be able to have some fun, taste something different and learn about the products being poured.

Wine Tasting in Buffalo

In addition to producer tastings, Wine World has a wine tasting bar with fabulous wines.  We always keep a diverse sampling of wines so no matter your tastes, we have something for you.  Our knowledgeable staff is ready to pour the wines and discuss what makes each wine so special. You’ll never miss this tasting because the tasting bar is always open!

Great Wine; Great Times

Wine tastings coming up in the next few weeks are Francis Coppola Diamond Selections, Il Prosecco, Robert Mondavi Maestro Red Blend and Chardonnay from Napa, Thorn Merlot and Victorianbourg Wine Estate from Wilson, NY.  Some liquors being poured are Hendricks Gin, Sailor Jerry Rum, Cuervo Tequila, Double Cross Vodka and Saint Lawrence Bourbons and Whiskey Cream from Clayton, NY just north of Watertown.  Don’t worry though; you’ll never miss a tasting with Wine World’s convenient events calendar.

WineWorldNY.com/Events – See All Events Coming Up

The producer tastings and the wine tasting bar are always posted for your convenience as.  Just browse our events tab on our website at WineWorldNY.com.  Never miss an event or a sale by checking our site regularly.  Sign up for our Advantage Rewards Club and we will send you emails will keep you updated.

Wine World Wine Section

Wine World offers over 5000 products for your shopping convenience.  Our isles are wide for ease of browsing.  The store is clean and bright with store clerks ready to help in any way you need.  Whether its help in choices, carry out, gift wrapping or delivery, we do it all so you don’t have to.  Wine World is the only choice when you want the next wine tasting in Buffalo or any other service to make your home or office party special.

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Wine World NY Delivery To Your Door

Wine Delivery Near Me in Tonawanda, Of Course!

Wine World NY Delivery To Your Door

Do you love wine?  Cabernet, Malbec or Red blends? Maybe White Wines are your preference.  When you finally get home after a long day, you’ll go to your fridge or wine rack and it’s “the day” you find you have no wine!  Search out “Wine Delivery Near Me in Tonawanda.  Bingo Bango, Wine World is your answer.  Wine World Delivers!  Wine World in the Tonawanda-Amherst-Buffalo area has over 500 wines online and ready for your online order. Or you can simply call us.  Boom, in an hour, your order can be on its way to you before dinner is done!

What kind of wine do you love?  A deep satisfying Charles Krug Cabernet Sauvignon with rich laid back tannins and earthy, deep berry undertones can relax anyone after stressful day.  Perhaps you cook dinner each night and a refreshing glass of Pinot Grigio gets the inspiration going.  No matter your preference, start at Wine World to find all your favorites and many news ones to explore.

Wine World NY A Glass Of Wine While Cooking

Wine World on Niagara Falls Boulevard across the street from Kohl’s has so much to offer.  Besides our convenient delivery service to the surrounding nine communities, we offer party planning, wine education classes, Whiskey Enthusiasts Club which meets monthly, specialty tours and trips, and much more.  The management and staff of Wine World make every effort to be more than just a retail store; we’re part of the community.  We give back to our community because our customers are the biggest part of us.  We continually strive to invent new and fun ideas to improve our customer’s experience at Wine World beyond the shopping cart.

Try out Wine World delivery.  Search for us online at Wine Delivery Near Me in Tonawanda.  Wine World will be your only option.  Call us or shop online anytime.  Delivery 11:00am – 7:00pm Monday –Saturday.


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Wine World Tonawanda NY

So, what is your favorite liquor? Or wine?  And, what is your favorite liquor store with liquor delivery near me in Tonawanda and beyond?  “Near me” meaning near you!  All your favorite liquor and wine is available at Wine World in Buffalo, NY and we deliver!  Wine World has been in business for 45 years, starting out in Niagara Falls, NY then moving to North Tonawanda and then Niagara Falls Boulevard in Amherst.  We have always concentrated on offering the best variety of liquor and wine.

Wine World Tonawanda NY

Your choice of liquor may depend on the season if you like to mix cocktails.  In the Winter, perhaps you like to drink warm and soothing whiskey or dark rum.  Great options are Jack Daniels Honey or Meyers Dark Rum.  Both have a sweet, soothing appeal that mixes nicely with your favorite beverage or straight up.

Thankfully, we are approaching the warmer seasons now so you might change your preference to summer drinks that are refreshing and flavorful.  There are so many options for bright, fruity or citrus flavored cocktails.  The possibilities are limitless.  Light Rums, fruit flavored vodkas, tequila and more, you can “change up your game” as easy as flippin’ a switch.  Don’t miss out on the many quality liquors that can transform a boring Summer’s night into something extra special.

And wine is always an option whether it’s Winter or Summer.  Again, your preference may change from deep, hearty reds to light refreshing whites, but wine on the menu makes the simple dinner just a bit more special.  And the cook stays happy, too!

Wine World Tonawanda NY

Wine World now delivers to all the surrounding suburbs including Tonawanda, North Tonawanda, Wheatfield, Pendleton, Grand Island, Amherst, Getzville and Amherst.  If you want more information on delivery, check out our Delivery Info page (link above).  Whether you are searching “near me” or you are looking for a great store in the Buffalo, NY area, Wine World is the store to shop.  Shop on-line, call your order in or come in to our store.  Our friendly staff is always happy to help get your order on its way to you.

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Liquor delivery near me Tonawanda NY Wine World NY

Happy Hour Comes to You!

You have a busy schedule and you cannot stop by your liquor store. Have you considered looking for a liquor delivery near me in Tonawanda?  Call Wine World to place your wine and liquor delivery order.  Easier yet is using the WineWorldNY.com website.  Shop for your items online and choose delivery upon checking out. It’s that simple and your order will be on its way to you shortly.

Liquor delivery near me Tonawanda NY Wine World NY

Wine World customers’ love the delivery service.  One customer said, “I find it helps me with planning out my busy day. The Wine World people are so helpful and I don’t have to make another stop.”  The liquor stores in the Buffalo area offer many of the same products but service sets Wine World apart.  From their friendly, knowledgeable staff with a priority on customer service to their easy website with delivery, quick pick-up or shipping options, you can find everything you need without any trouble at all.

Have you been searching for a special bourbon?

Chances are Wine World will have it.  Wine World has an extensive collection of bourbons.  Shop online at WineWorldNY.com/shop/special-Bourbon to see the over 60 brands we carry every day.  Informative reading, ratings and high quality images accompany every product.  Once you’ve added your items to the shopping cart, choose delivery, in-store quick pick-up or shipping.  No worries about when to have it delivered or pick-up, just let us know in the comment field what is best for you.  We always do our utmost to work with your schedule.

Liquor delivery bourbon near me Tonawanda Wine World NY

Search no more. 

When you are looking for a liquor delivery near me in Tonawanda, Wine World on Niagara Falls Boulevard across from the Kohl’s Plaza, Delivers!  Wine World is conveniently located within a few minutes of Niagara Falls, NY, Tonawanda, North Tonawanda, Amherst, Sanborn, Grand Island, Williamsville, Getzville, Pendleton and Lockport, all in Western New York State.


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Wine World North Tonawanda Liquor Delivery Service Near Me

Wine World has Liquor delivery in North Tonawanda.  Delivery is a service you may think you’ll never need until you cannot get out to the store.  You are out of your essentials and maybe those extra items you’ve been meaning to get.  Wine World is at your service providing delivery to your home or work  in North Tonawanda, Tonawanda, Amherst, Getzville, Sanborn, Wheatfield, Williamsville, Grand Island, UB and other areas in our surrounding communities.

Wine World North Tonawanda Liquor Delivery Service Near Me

Wine World Will Delivery to Your Home or Office

So what are you waiting for?  Winter is here.  Don’t brave the cold if you don’t have to.  Or possibly your schedule is full or you’re not up to the travel in this brisk weather.  Whatever the reason, we’ve made it easy for you to place your order and within a short time; your delivery is on its way to you.

How To Place An Order

To place your delivery order, call the store direct at 716-691-3396 and speak with any of the friendly Wine World associates.

WineWorldNY.com is also a quick and easy option to place your order on line.  Any item 750ml or larger is available on line.  After you’ve completed your order, the delivery option will be made available to you if you have a pre-tax total of 25.00 or more and you have entered a zip code for any of our 9 delivery areas (see below).  Either way you place your order, Wine World always makes it quick and easy for you to shop.

Wine World Delivery


Delivery Details:

Minimum Purchase:  Your order must be over $25.00 (pre-tax).

Days of the week we deliver:  We deliver Monday – Saturday.   Sorry, no Sunday deliveries.

Times for delivery:  We deliver orders two times a day:  11:00am-2:00pm and 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Payment:  All delivery orders must be prepaid using a credit card.


We have two (2) Delivery Zones:

Zone A:   Zip Codes 14228, 14068, 14120, 14150

Delivery Fee:  $5.00

*Latest time of day to place your order for same day delivery:  6:00pm

Zone B:  Zip Codes 14304, 14072, 14132, 14221, 14094(Pendleton only)

Delivery Fee:  $8.00

*Latest time of day to place your order for same day delivery:  4:00pm

*Orders received after latest time of day will be delivered next delivery day.

NOTE:  If you are outside our delivery areas but need an delivery, call us.  We will see if we can get an order out to you.  Minimum order $175.  

Delivery Terms: 

  • All orders must be prepaid with a credit card prior to delivery.
  • Person receiving delivery must be 21 years or older and have valid ID.
  • Person placing order must be available to accept delivery unless otherwise advised prior to delivery. Order will not be left with any other person other than name on order.
  • If no one is available at the delivery location, the order will not be left at door.  It will be taken back to store.
  • Rejection of delivery may be made at our discretion.  We may refuse to complete delivery at any time if delivery is judged to be unsafe or illegal.  This is for the safety and protection of all parties concerned.
  • During busy shopping days close to all major holidays, we reserve the right to restrict deliveries.
Wine World North Tonawanda 2 for Specials

A wine store near me in North Tonawanda?

Yes, there is a wine store near me in North Tonawanda that I have to tell you all about.  Wine World, on the edge of North Tonawanda at Niagara Falls Boulevard, offers a full selection of wine.  I am always looking for high-end red wine but also inexpensive white wine to drink any night of the week.  Wine World has it all.  I can go in and quickly find great wines at a great price.

Wine World North Tonawanda 2 for Specials

Wine World has this cool section of wines called 2 for’s.  They offer a diverse selection of wines at 2 bottles for one low price.  For example, I love the  Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Collection wines.  They sell them for 2 for $30. Everywhere else I pay close to $20 a piece but at their store, they stay on 2 for $30 all the time.  They have many wines like that and I can always rely on the same low price.  (2 for’s are not offered online, you can only get that deal in-store.)

I like to keep a sweet wine in the house for my Mom and her friends that come over.  They have Naked Grape Moscato 2 for $10.  At that price, my Mom can have all her friends over!  But seriously, there are many of those kinds of specials that keep me saying “Wine World is my favorite wine store!”

Wine World also has a Wine Bar to try something new every week.  The clerks are always so friendly and happy to pour any or all of the 5 or 6 wines on the bar.  With their knowledgeable staff, I always know I am getting something I want and learn more about the wine, too.  They put those wines on sale, too.  Another great deal, am I right?

Wine World North Tonawanda Tasting Bar and more

Don’t think they only sell wine.  Wine World has a huge liquor section, too.  They have a high-end collectors’ liquor area where you have a good chance of finding something at a fair price.  Then there are all the other liquors so you’ll never be disappointed.  Gift giving is a breeze with the selection. Did I mention they have a gift section, too?

Wine World – a world of wine but not a world away.  That’s there slogan, and it fits!


A very happy customer from North Tonawanda