The Quality of Vodka: Wine World Offers a Full Range of Quality Liquors

Wine World in Amherst NY is proud to offer customers a full range of quality wine and liquor.

Wine World, Amherst’s number 1 Liquor store, carries a diverse selection of domestic and imported liquor including a wide array of Vodkas.  We carry all the major Vodka Brands and many of their flavored assortments.  Local and cult brands like Tommyrotter, made in Buffalo, NY, are a big part of what customers find as well at Wine World.

Wine-World-Amherst-Liquor-Tommyrotter Vodka-Tasting-the-difference

At the Tommyrotter Distillery, patrons learn about what makes Vodka so unique.


Most vodka is made from potatoes or the grains of rye, wheat or corn Svedka Vodka is made out of wheat.  Titos Vodka is made out of Corn.  Chopin Vodka is made out of Potatoes.   Whatever the main ingredient, each must be broken down, mixed with water and heat applied. This combination turns the starches into fermentable sugars.  The final liquid is drained, commonly called the “wash”. Next, the wash is fermented which lasts a few days.  After fermentation, the wash is transferred to stills for distillation.

Distillation can be a long process of multiple runs through either a pot or column still, or a combination of both.  Filtering is also an important part of the process to further remove impurities.  Many of the highest quality vodkas repeat this process multiple times.  Double Cross Vodka from Slovakia is seven times distilled and filtered to create a bright, yet smooth vodka with a soft, round mouth feel.



Photographs of the distillery making Ketel One and one of their Master Distillers 1




Ketel One is an example of Fine Craftsmanship Vodka

The finest ingredients, exacting standards and refined processes are practiced by the highest quality producers.  Their attention to every detail strive to create a delicate balance of flavors and characteristics. Ketel One Vodka, made in the Netherlands, starts with 100% GMO-free Winter Wheat from Europe.  They produce a fine wheat mash that creates an ultra-wheat spirit with high purity levels. David Marsland of Drinks Enthusiasts 2 details the Ketel One process.  “After fermentation, the mash goes through the column distillation process. A part of the wheat spirit is re-distilled in small batch copper pot stills, including the original coal-fired Distilleerketel #1 or Pot Still Number 1. After discarding the heads and tails of the pot still distillate, the remaining hearts, including those from Pot Still Number 1, are individually filtered to create a Master Pot Still Blend. The Master Distiller oversees the marrying of a portion of the Master Pot Still Blend, a portion of the ultra-wheat spirit and water to create the final product.  Each final production run is approved by a member of the Nolet family.” The Nolet family have been producing the quality vodka for ten generations.

Tasting wine and liquor and learning about the unique and special differences of each product only enhance our customers’ experience.  Wine World, located on Niagara Falls Blvd in Amherst NY is dedicated to providing knowledge about the products it carries.  Wine World is rated #1 by its customers for service and selection.  You’ll always find the best in liquor and wine at Wine World.



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2 David Marsland, Freelance Bar and Brand Advisor/Consultant, Events Curator/Collaborator & Journalist to the World of Drinks / Drinks

Ketel One Tasting Notes – DRINKS ENTHUSIAST

Ketel One Tasting Notes

Apr 21, 2013 – The Nolet Distillery is home to Ketel One vodka, a brand that you may see in many a … 2010 saw the next flavour come into force – Ketel One Oranje. ….. Indulge your senses with the sumptuous taste of Stoli Chocolat Razberi …



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